Blackhawk 4×4 Suspension

Blackhawk 4×4 was established to fill a void in the market for robust, reliable, high quality aftermarket four-wheel drive components.

When installing raised suspension to your four-wheel drive camber and castor are affected and sometimes require correction with aftermarket components to restore the wheel alignment geometry back to within acceptable limits.

Blackhawk 4×4 focus on alignment and vehicle handling products such as upper control arms with built in offset, adjustable upper control arms, high clearance forged radius arms and heavy duty trailing arms.

Check out their range below:

Ultimate Adjustable Upper Control Arms

BLACKHAWK4X4 ULTIMATE UCA’s have been designed to provide a variety of alignment options not seen before. Whilst allowing ease of adjustment to alleviate all of these issues, returning the suspension geometry and alignment back to factory specification or better, complimenting the travel available from any aftermarket suspension.

Upper Control Arms

When an IFS vehicle is fitted with raised suspension it can reduce the castor causing vague steering response, introduce bump steer and impact clearance to other suspension components. Blackhawk 4×4 Upper Control Arms are designed with fixed castor correction to improve wheel alignment geometry and allow more clearance to other suspension components ensuring you get full suspension travel. Additionally they allow more clearance to accommodate larger aftermarket wheels and tyres.

High Clearance Radius Arms

Blackhawk 4×4 forged radius arms will strengthen your vehicle, stop it wandering and keep it straight. ADR compliant, including GVM upgrades with front axle up to 1660kg. Supplied with Australian made hybrid rubber bushings, guaranteed for the life of your purchase.

High Clearance offers increased ground clearance to tackle even the most challenging terrain!

Heavy Duty Sway Bar Links, Panhard Rods, Trailing Arms and More!

Heavy Duty Extended Sway Bar Links, Panhard Rods, Trailing Arms and other accessories are available to suit raised vehicles.
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