Check out just some of the wheel brands we supply, whether it’s for your four-wheel drive, circuit car or if you simply want to have the freshest ride on the street, we have you covered.

To find more information about some of wheel brands, click on the brand logos below. Our specific wheel brand pages are designed to give you all the information you need to choose the best set of wheels for your vehicle. If you require any additional information, or prefer to have a chat with us about choosing the right tyres for your ride, you can also call our friendly team of suspension specialists in Bayswater, Perth on (08) 9370 2646. We look forward to helping you perfect your ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cost – how much do wheels cost?

Price is variable across brand and manufacturing process. For a quote on your vehicle, please contact us for specific pricing information.

Product Options – which wheel design should I choose?

There are many different wheel options to select from and a variety of fitment and designs on offer.

To help narrow down the choices, fitment and offset are the most important factors when selecting a wheel design. Once you’ve established which designs are compatible with your vehicle, you can then move onto the next step.

Wheels are typically manufactured using one of the following methods: One-piece cast wheels, FlowForm, Forged/Billet or Multipiece.
One-piece cast wheels are the most popular choice due to their price point, having a less complicated manufacturing process means they are more budget friendly and practical for your daily drive.
FlowForm, Forged and Multipiece wheel designs are quite costly due to the more extensive manufacturing process. If you are looking for a show piece and have a flexible budget these design options can be considered.

Once you’ve factored in fitment & budget you can then choose the desired wheel style & colour finish!

Wheel & Tyre Packages – can you supply wheel and tyre packages?

Our team can assist you with selecting a wheel and tyre package for your vehicle. This can be added to any of our 4WD suspension lift kits, coilovers, lowered suspension kits or simply because you want to improve your vehicles aesthetics.
Choosing wheels and tyres can be tricky to navigate with so many sizes and offsets to take into consideration, our expert team can guide you through the process and help you pick a wheel and tyre package that will have heads turning!

The brand displayed on this page are just a select few of all the wheel brands we can supply here at Wilkinson Suspension. The team is in tune with the current trends to ensure your vehicle is rolling on the latest designs available. If you don’t see what you are looking for, you can always contact us to special-order your wheels of choice!