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When you go on long distance, off-road adventures, you rely on your vehicle to perform. However, if your vehicle isn’t equipped with reliable parts – or if a mechanic took shortcuts to install those parts – your vehicle won’t perform as safely as it should. And you don’t want a costly repair to cut your escapades short.

So if you’re looking to boost your vehicle’s safety and performance by installing a Tough Dog Lift KitTough Dog Shocks or any other Tough Dog suspension components in Perth, we can help.

Tough Dog carries some of the most heavy-duty, big bore suspension components in the world, and you have access to all of them at Wilkinson Suspension Centre. We have served Perth residents as their leading suspension specialist for over 29 years, so you can trust us to provide quality products.

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Our friendly team can help you find the perfect Tough Dog suspension for your vehicle. When using Tough Dog suspension kits in your Perth adventures, you benefit from products uniquely suited to Australia’s demanding conditions. From the 53mm Big Bore Ralph shock to the 45mm Bore adjustable shock absorber and the award-winning adjustable steering stabiliser, Tough Dog has you, the customer, in mind. Its design professionals know what your vehicle needs to conquer rugged Australian terrains. Our selection of products includes shock absorbers, steering stabilisers, steering dampers, panhard rods, castor plates, leaf springs and complete suspension lift kits. Purchase a complete kit to drastically enhance your vehicle, or replace one suspension component at a time if you prefer. As you make your parts selection online or in our store, feel free to contact our staff for more information about our products or services.

Tough Dog Lift Kit with Shocks and Leaf Springs


Our wide range of Tough Dog lift kits consists of some of the most durable and highest quality suspension components on the market.

Whether you want to increase your 4WD’s height, improve your vehicle’s off-road performance or upgrade to a heavier spring rate, you’ll find a Tough Dog suspension system that’s the perfect fit for your ride.


Wilkinson Suspension Centre are an approved GVM Dealer in WA for Tough Dog Suspension GVM Upgrade kits!

If your vehicle is fully loaded with tools of the trade or equipped for a long haul off-road touring, your vehicle could become dangerous if it exceeds the specified GVM. Using a Tough Dog Australian Design Rules (ADR) Approved GVM Upgrade can combat these issues.

Four types of Tough Dog shock absorbers


Tough Dog shock absorbers are built to the highest levels of quality.

Our extensive range includes Nitro Gas Shocks, 53mm Bore Ralph Shocks, 40mm Adjustable Shocks45mm Big Bore Shock Absorbers and the award-winning 41mm Foam Cell Shock.

 The 41mm foam cell shock was voted the number one shock as ‘best all-round performer’ by Australian 4WD Action magazine. If you are looking to make tracks, a set of Tough Dog shocks is exactly the place to start.

Four types of Tough Dog steering dampers


Quality steering components go a long way to alleviating driver fatigue, Rough and unforgiving road surfaces can transfer through the wheels and up to the steering wheel.

If you’re constantly fighting to keep the vehicle on track, eventually that effort will take its toll. Tough Dog steering dampers are on your side when it comes to taming steering shimmy and shake.

Tough Dog coil spring and leaf spring components


Tough Dog springs are all designed in-house, and manufactured from a range of quality materials.

Whether it’s comfort or load carrying you need, Tough Dog have a spring you can count on.

Tough Dog panhard rod, transmission spacers and castor correction


Gaining extra height on a tape measure is only a small part of fitting a suspension system. Improving the ride quality, capability and longevity of your suspension is the real key.

Quality alignment and supporting products are a must to ensure your vehicle retains its handling characteristics, as well as guarding against drivetrain vibration and premature tyre wear.