Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can read a list of our most commonly asked questions

Will I need a wheel alignment after installing a suspension kit?

Yes, Wilkinson Suspension have wheel aligning facilities onsite.

How will I know if the kit will suit my car?

If you have made the correct selections through the Make, Model, Variation and Year your search results will only display kits that are suited to that vehicle. For further confirmation please contact us with detailed vehicle information.

Front Setup – Why do different Front Accessories have an impact on my kit?

In some cases you will note that the option for Alloy Bar / No Bullbar, Steel Bullbar or Bullbar & Winch need to be selected, this is due to the extra weight these accessories add to the vehicle. Meaning the spring rate would need to be upgraded to accommodate that additional weight.

If the option is not available to select this means there is no additional option aside from what is in the standard Kit.

Rear Setup – Do I need to upgrade to 300KG or 500KG Constant load rear springs?

If your vehicle has additional accessories such as a canopy, storage system, tool boxes, additional spare wheels, long range fuel tank or frequently towing the “Queen Mary” we highly recommend you take the weight of these items into account before making your selection. Upgrading to the appropriate rear springs to suit your weight requirements helps with any unwanted vehicle sag!

In some cases you will note that the option for a Light, Medium or Heavy upgrade is available. If the option is not available to select this means that it is not manufactured for your vehicle.

If the vehicles additional accessories are under the constant load options, the springs included in the standard kit will be suitable for you.

I’m an enthusiast but not a grease monkey, where can I get the kit fitted?

Wilkinson Suspension can supply and fit all of your suspension parts.

If I want to install the kit myself?

Some of the products that make up our kits will come with fitting instructions, make sure you take a read, and otherwise revert to the vehicle manufacturers workshop manual for assistance. Don’t forget! Immediately after the installation a wheel alignment is required!

Can I change my order?

Our system is designed to fill orders and get them on the way as soon as possible. Once you confirm your order, we are not able to make any changes to it.

What’s the Return Policy?

Goods can be returned within 14 days of the order date as long as they are un-opened and have not been fitted. Freight back to Wilkinson Suspension will be at the cost of the purchaser. Once the returned goods are received, inspected and are in the required condition a refund will be issued.

You can view our full return policy here

What are the Delivery terms?

Once your order has been received, we will have it ready to dispatch within 3-5 business days.

If for any reason your order is unable to be dispatched within this time frame we will contact you immediately with the revised delivery terms.

Upon dispatch, you will receive another email with your tracking number. Depending on your location shipping can take between 7-14 working days.

What methods of payment are accepted?

In store, we can accept all major credit cards and cash payments.

All online payments can be made Paypal or Direct Deposit

Do you ship overseas?

We are currently not setup for overseas shipments – however if you do require a one of shipment we will do our best to get it to you. Contact us directly for more information.

What’s legal when it comes to raising my 4WD?

Whilst 4WD modifications make them more capable off-road they can make them illegal on the road!

Educate yourself on the legal modifications you can make to your 4WD remembering that in some cases if your vehicle is not legal you may void your insurance.

Generally suspension Lift Kits with a height increase of up to 50mm, depending on tyre size and accessories, should fall within the legal requirements.

Lift Kits with a height increase over 50mm are classed for off road use only.

We strongly recommend you seek advice from the relevant authorities in your local State or Territory for confirmation.