Lift Kits


Are you looking to purchase a lift kit but aren’t sure where to start? Or do you want to read up on the benefits before you buy?

The team at Wilkinson Suspension created this comprehensive page to use as a guide for those who are looking to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a lift kit for your 4WD!

Keep reading to find out what a lift kit is exactly, what the most popular reasons are to get one and how a lift kit can improve the off-road capabilities and load-carrying abilities of your 4WD.

Also on this page, you’ll get an exclusive insight into our experts’ shortlist of most frequently asked questions in order to bust some of the common myths around lift kits and suspension in general.

If you still have questions, you’re more than welcome to get in touch through our Enquiry Form. We’re happy to help!




A lift kit is essentially a package of carefully assembled suspension components designed to fit a specific vehicle in order to increase ride height, gain wheel travel, improve load-carrying and enhance the overall suspension performance.

Depending on the application most lift kits include raised coil or leaf springs paired with long-travel shocks and various other fitting components required to complete the suspension kit and its installation.

Ride height increase and components vary depending on the vehicle’s setup, vehicle’s suitability and limits for suspension modifications.

Most applications will allow up to 2” (50mm) Lift and for a more extreme off-road setup 3” (75mm) and 4” (100mm) lift kits are available for certain vehicles.




Getting a lift kit installed for your vehicle can have many benefits.

Which benefits a lift kit unlocks for you will depend on your own unique driving conditions and vehicle setup. Let’s dive a bit deeper into some of the most popular reasons why we have installed suspension lift kits in the past.


A Hilux with lift kit drives offroad. Undercarriage with lift kit displayed from below.

A lift kit helps you gain ride height and wheel travel so you can clear uneven and rocky terrains.



1. Elevated Ride Height – More ground clearance for off-road adventures!

First and foremost, it’s called a lift kit because by raising the suspension it effectively elevates the main body of a vehicle, increasing the clearance between the underbody and ground.

The higher a vehicle is raised relative to the road surface, the easier it will be for it to clear obstacles on challenging terrains.

Elevated ride height also gives the opportunity to install bigger tyres due to additional room in the wheel arches the lift kit has provided, which in turn gains even more ground clearance.

Not to forget how much better a lift-kit-raised vehicle looks! At least we think so, and a lot of people seem to agree. The perfect cosmetic makeover for your ride, what better way than a lift kit and a big set of tyres to help your vehicle stand out in a crowd.


2. Enhanced Ride Control – Smoother sailing over corrugated roads!

Depending on the style of work you have planned for your 4 wheel drive, carefully selecting the correct suspension components within the lift kit is important. These components work closely together to better absorb bumps and maintain vehicle stability.

This significantly minimises any of the turbulence you may experience when driving in some of the more challenging conditions that come with Australia’s rugged terrain. Not to mention how much stress the suspension, especially the shock absorbers are under when tackling the corrugations meaning the correct choices won’t let you down and leave you stranded.


3. Improved Load Carrying – Don’t let the heavy cargo weigh you down!

Accessories such as bullbars, winches, canopies, tool boxes, spare wheel carriers, draw systems and other camping or work gear all add weight to a vehicle.

When these heavy accessories are fitted you may notice your vehicle is ‘dragging its behind’ or has a ‘nose down’ appearance.

With the correct spring selection within a lift kit it can help restore lost ride height and improve load carrying capabilities.


4. Additional Wheel Travel – Don’t leave me hanging!

Wheel travel is the distance the wheel & tyre assembly travels vertically both up & down. The suspension’s job, despite the terrain is designed to keep the vehicle as level as possible whilst keeping the wheel in contact with the road.

When installing a lift kit, it generally consists of longer travel shock absorbers that will gain additional wheel travel. The deeper the ruts or the bigger the rocks are it increases the chances of having wheels off the ground resulting in loss of traction and the potential of getting stuck! With additional wheel travel, these issues are dramatically reduced.




Your vehicle’s factory suspension may simply not cut it for the conditions and terrains in which you plan to tackle.

Whether it’s lack of ground clearance, uncontrolled bounce or load carrying, the absence of quality, high-performance suspension components may be causing more harm than good to your vehicle.

If any of these issues sound familiar, it may be a good idea to consult a suspension professional.

In comparison to just a pair of shocks or springs, a lift kit offers ‘the full package’, delivering optimum balance, increased ride height and off-road capability.


Close up of a series of Bilstein shock absorbers installed for 4WD.

We always recommend getting your lift kit fitted by a suspension professional. Contact us for a quote today!



As leading suspension experts in Perth and the rest of WA for over 30 years, a lot of people come to us with their lift kit questions.

Below you can find our answers to some of the most frequent questions we were asked about lift kits. We hope this information helps you learn more about lift kits and bust any inaccurate information or myths you may have heard on this topic!


How to choose the best 4×4 suspension lift kit?

When choosing a lift kit, the most important thing is to consider what the main purpose for the lift kit is. Are you looking to increase ride height, improve driving comfort, or solve an existing suspension issue?

When you have established the purpose for the lift kit, you can have a think about preferred lift height and your budget, considering both product cost and installation.

Contact our suspension professionals for personalised help with selecting a lift kit that’s right for you and booking in your vehicle for installation.


How to measure a lift kit?

In Australia, lift heights are usually measured in inches or millimetres.

There are two ways to measure the ride height of your vehicle before and after install. Park the vehicle on flat ground and follow one of the below methods.

  1. Measure from the centre of the hub to the lip of the guard.
  2. Measure from the bottom of the rim to the lip of the guard.

Most applications will allow up to 2” Lift and for a more extreme off-road setup 3” and 4” lift kits are available for certain vehicles.

Please note that actual heights can vary due to the vehicle’s age and condition, additional weight and other various factors.


Where can I get a lift kit installed?

Your best bet is to contact a professional suspension specialist.

Here at Wilkinson Suspension, we have extensive experience installing lift kits.

Contact us for an obligation-free installation quote, call us on (08) 9370 2646 or drop in at our custom-built suspension workshop in Bayswater, Perth.


How much does a lift kit cost?

Lift kit costs depend on a variety of factors:

  • Vehicle Make/Model
  • Brand of suspension parts
  • Type of suspension upgrade
  • What style of work you plan to use the vehicle for

For a detailed quote based on your vehicle and requirements, please contact us.

Lift kit costs range from as little as $420 to an average of $2000 depending on whether it’s for cosmetic purposes or genuine off-road capabilities.


How much does it cost to install a lift kit?

Our installation fees depend on the labour involved which is specific to the vehicle, its suspension setup and the style of lift kit.
Our installation fees start at as little as $330 for a basic setup.

Please contact us for a personalised quote.


How to install a suspension lift kit?

We always recommend getting your suspension fitted by a professional.

Our team of qualified mechanics are on-hand to install your new suspension lift kit and complete a wheel alignment.

Let us take care of the hard work!