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You take your vehicle on a number of exciting adventures, whether you participate in circuit racing or you use your 4WD to go rock climbing. You love the freedom and the thrill that comes with these activities – and you always plan to keep your vehicle in prime condition so you never have to worry about breakdowns.

However, even the best-maintained vehicle in the world will wear out at some point, especially if its set up is not suitable for the task or extreme stress your activities maybe putting it under. But even if you have a suspension issue, you don’t have to abandon all hope of pursuing your favourite activities. Make Wilkinson Suspension Centre your suspension specialists in Perth. We’ll make your ride more suitable, more durable and handle better than ever.

Check out the brands we carry online and in our store. We have an enormous range of specialist suspension parts for your family sedan, 4WD or weekend toy.
Our selection includes every component you might need, including shock absorbers, springs, bushes, swaybars, alignment products, coilovers or even complete suspension lift kits.

To find more information on the product you need, click on the brand links below. You can also call our suspension specialists in Perth on + 08 9370 2646. We look forward to helping you perfect your ride.