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On the world’s fastest racetracks, on the street, on the toughest outback terrain there is. When it comes to spring design and durability, King Springs knows neither compromise nor second best…. these are the cornerstones of our technology, and the reasons why King Springs are leaders in the replacement and performance automotive spring market.

Wilkinson Suspension is the Perth based distributor for King Springs Australia. Springs play an essential part in the performance, stability and handling of your vehicle.

The aim with all there designs is that there product achieves the improvements it is purchased for. All vehicle springs are designed with Australian road conditions in mind.

King springs believe that there product in most cases is purchased to achieve improvements in 3 major areas:


 All Kings Springs Heavy Duty Replacement Springs are designed to be uprated. The degree of uprating varies between vehicles but can generally be stated at 20-40%.

 The information and experience gained from our extensive involvement in motorsport only serves to enhance our ability to design and manufacture to the highest possible standards.



Only X5K material is used. X5K is a new generation High Strength Spring Steel which with-stands higher operating stresses and has superior resistance to sag, improved toughness and improved corrosion fatigue properties.


Bar peeling and Tapering production line. Peels 1mm from the surface of the material removing any surface defects. Tapers up to 7mm from “parent” material. Peels diameter to any size, down from 24mm.


Gas furnaces are used for their extremely clean and efficient heating properties. Coils are heated to around 1000 degrees Celsius before being rolled.


Computer controlled coilers are used to roll the coils whilst the bar is still over 950 degrees Celsius. Coilers have variable pitch speeds to manufacture the progressive pitch coils. Pitch has a tolerance of less than 1mm.


Once the coil is rolled it is then placed into the Quenching oil whilst still at 850 degrees Celsius and hardened to 62 HRC (Rockwell hardness)


After the Hardening process the coil is then placed into the Tempering oven and heated back up to 400 degrees Celsius . Coil will be now tempered to a 54 HRC. This is done via a computer controlled and monitored gas furnace.


Once the coil is tempered and if the coil design requires the coil to be ground square, then the coils are fitted into one of 5 Computer controlled wet grinders.


The coil is now placed into our Conveyor fed shot peener and rotated for 100% coverage. This gives the coil a high intensity finish to ensure maximum fatigue life and an optimal surface for the powder coat to be applied to.


Coil is now dipped with a phosphate coating for maximum corrosion protection.


Coils are now hung and sprayed with an Epoxy powder coat to achieve the most durable finish and offering maximum presentation.