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Roadsafe’s steering and suspension parts line-up are the most comprehensive in Australasia. The range includes replacement ball joints, tie rod ends, rack ends, drag links, idler arms, pitman arms and much more.

All Roadsafe parts are manufactured to Quality Standards and are inspected and tested to ensure the high-quality requirements are maintained.

 Roadsafe also has a full array of 4WD Components to suit a huge variety of vehicles and applications.  From Adjustable Panhard Rods, Drag Links, Track Rods, Trailing Arms, Radius Arms, Sway Bar Links, Drop Boxes, Diff Drops, Upper Control Arms, Tail Shaft Spacers, Transmission Spacers, Strut Spacers, Wheel Spacers, Tow Points, Recovery Gear, Shackles… the list goes on & on. 

Check out some of the popular Roadsafe 4WD items we hold in stock!


Roadsafe offers a full range of Heavy Duty Drag Links and Track Rods to suit for a heap of Aussie found 4WD’s.

Available for common Landcruisers & Patrols featuring a 30mm OD with 6.5mm wall thickness, in addition to Heavy Duty replaceable tie rod ends.


Roadsafe Rear Lower & Upper Trailing Arms are built tough, with a 5mm wall thickness, if you bump them up against rocks & tough terrain the arms won’t bend as much as the standard arms.


If your Sway Bar is out of alignment due to a big suspension lift, handling can be affected.

Roadsafe offers a range of upgraded extended Sway Bar Links for the Patrols and extensions for the 80/100 series Cruisers.


Roadsafe Drop Boxes to suit Patrol GQ-GU are designed to allow for the radius arms to be dropped slightly below the chassis to correct the caster geometry, correct articulation of the suspension components and improve ride quality.

Roadsafe Drop Boxes are designed to suit for 3-4” lifts. Roadsafe offers a direct Bolt-In option for the Drop Boxes. No welding or cutting required.


The Roadsafe IFS Diff Drop Kits are application specific and supplied complete to get the job done.

The bolt on kit corrects the geometry on the front driveshaft and CV’s, lowering the front diff by approximately 25mm, thus reducing the angles the CV joints need to operate on, and avoiding the expensive replacements of CV’s and boots. They also Allow the factory bash plate to be refitted.


The new heavy duty Roadsafe “BLACKHAWK” range of Upper Control Arms have been designed with ease of fitment & ongoing serviceability in mind, and are a necessity for various IFS models that have been lifted over 50mm.

The Roadsafe “BLACKHAWK” arms have been designed to restore camber & caster lost on the IFS vehicles once they have been lifted, by correcting the angle of the ball joint.

 With greater radius and tube sizing to suit per application, the designs allow clearance of the coils during articulation, with the outer radius also adjusted to allow for the fitment of larger tyres without having the issue of the tyres rubbing on the arms during full lock.