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For more information about coilovers, we have put together this comprehensive page. Keep reading to find out what coilovers are exactly, why you should get them and how they will benefit your vehicle.

To top it off, we’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve heard about coilovers!




The word coilover is an abbreviation for ‘coil spring over shock absorber’ which is exactly the construction of a coilover. Most commonly an aftermarket “coilover kit” offers ride height adjustability through threaded adjustable spring seats.

A coilover forms part of the vehicle’s suspension setup and plays a major part in the vehicle’s handling ability and ride quality.




A coilover suspension system works in the same manner as a conventional strut and coil spring suspension. The spring takes the load or weight whilst the shock absorber controls the motion of the spring.

A good quality coilover will be designed specifically for the vehicle with extensive testing performed on both the spring and shock absorber to achieve seamless performance.



Coilovers can make a massive difference when it comes to vehicle handling and ride quality.



Additionally, an aftermarket coilover kit will feature one or more adjustability options depending on the brand or type of coilover kit.

Adjustable coilover kits are designed with a threaded shock body to allow the spring seat to be adjusted up or down the shock absorber body. This adjusts the position of the spring in order to change the ride height, suspension droop, compression travel and in some cases spring preload.

Damping adjustable coilover kits are designed with an external dial or ‘key’ to allow adjustment of the shocks internal valving. A coilover kit can feature either independent compression and rebound adjustment or combined compression and rebound adjustment, depending on the application.

This feature allows drivers to fine-tune the ride quality, counter understeer or oversteer and alter the handling characteristics which is ideal for track use.




Whether you want to improve your vehicle’s looks, attend the occasional track day or have a dedicated race car, a coilover kit can be selected to match your needs.

Height adjustments achieved with coilovers do not only allow drivers to lower the vehicle’s ride height just for looks. In fact, they also lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity which contributes to a sportier feel.

Lowering a vehicle with a lowered spring kit reduces the vehicle’s suspension travel, which in some cases can be a limiting factor in terms of the amount the vehicle can be lowered by. When using a coilover, the shock absorber length is reduced to suit a lowered ride height range allowing additional scope for the ride height to be decreased.

If applicable, damping adjustment allows the driver or engineer to fine-tune the handling characteristics such as reducing body roll, changing the way the vehicle weight transfers and altering understeer or oversteer.



KW Coilovers at the high end of the product range and are commonly used in motorsport




We can supply and install a wide range of coilovers, from the most exclusive brands for race cars at the highest end of the product range to more affordable options for everyday driving or occasional track use.



KW Coilovers

Manufactured in Germany, KW Coilovers can be found at the high end of the product range with kit options that are commonly used in motorsport. KW products are often seen at the gruelling Bathurst 12hr which is a testament to their quality, longevity and superior construction.

You can find more information about KW Coilovers on our KW Suspension page.



ST Coilovers

Derived from the KW Brand, ST Coilovers are a versatile option for everyday driving or occasional track use. They can be a great option for those who are looking to improve their vehicle for everyday use and for aesthetic purposes without blowing the budget. ST offer up to 3 variants allowing you to select the kit that suits your budget and needs.

Both KW & ST Suspension Coilover Kits are made to order.

For more information about ST Coilovers, please visit our ST Suspension page.



KW Coilovers close up

We always recommend getting your coilovers fitted by a suspension professional. Contact us for a quote today!



TEIN Coilovers

Manufactured in Japan, TEIN Coilover kits are available for various Japanese manufactured vehicles. TEIN products allow you to extract the full handling potential from your vehicle and offer the optimal balance between sports performance and comfort. With the ability to feel the grip on different road surfaces, durability to maintain high performance for long periods and quality to ensure complete confidence, TEIN creates total driving pleasure.

For more information about TEIN Coilovers, head to our TEIN Suspension page.



KSport Coilovers

The Ksport system uses a Monotube design in which the oil and gas are separated within the cylinder. When compared to twin tube designs, the Monotube dissipates heat better, allows finer damping adjustments, and requires a more expensive design process. Aeration and cavitation are a lot less common in a Monotube design, which results in a better ride. Fully adjustable KSport Coilover kits are available for various Holden Commodore models and are generally held in stock at our warehouse.

Please visit our KSport Coilovers page for more information.



H&R Coilovers

With options to suit street, track and ultimate high performance requirements, H&R coilovers have got all areas covered! Each coilover shock is custom-valved to work in conjunction with a precision-engineered progressive rate spring, creating a finely tuned suspension system. The fully threaded shock body allows for adjustable vehicle height. This feature helps balance vehicle weight, resulting in a lower center of gravity and improved performance and control.

More information can be found on our H&R Coilovers page.



Bilstein Coilovers

Manufactured in Germany to the highest level of safety and quality, Bilstein coilover kits are available to suit street, track or motorsport applications. Utilising their gas pressure technology and mono-tube/upside down technology Bilstein have been perfecting their coilover range for over 50 years. Combined with quality sport springs made from highly durable material and a long-lasting corrosion resistance coating all ensure a quality finish and longevity.

For more information about Bilstein products, please visit our Bilstein suspension page.




As leading suspension experts in Perth and the rest of WA for over 30 years, a lot of people come to us with questions about coilovers and suspension in general.

We have listed our answers to some of the most frequent questions we were asked about coilovers below.



How much do coilovers cost?

Prices vary depending on the type and brand of coilover kit. Usually, the cost of entry-level to mid-range kits would be between $1,300 – $2,100.

High-end, fully adjustable coilover kits generally start from $3,000. Please note that these price ranges do not include installation costs.

Contact our suspension professionals for personalised help with selecting a coilover kit that’s right for you and booking in your vehicle for installation.



How to install coilovers?

Most coilover kits come with installation instructions, however, we strongly recommend to have suspension kits installed by a qualified professional at a mechanical workshop.

At Wilkinson Suspension Centre, we offer fitting and wheel alignment services and have extensive experience with the setup and installation of coilovers.

Installation times will vary depending on the specific application. Because these will be different for each vehicle, we recommend contacting our Sales Team for a quote specific to your vehicle.



How to adjust ride height on coilovers?

Not all coilovers are adjusted in the same manner so it is best to refer to the instruction manual for specifics.

Most commonly, height adjustments can be made by moving the spring seat position or the base of the shock, depending on the coilover design.

Contact us for an obligation-free installation quote, call us on (08) 9370 2646 or drop in at our suspension workshop in Bayswater, Perth.



How long do coilovers last?

A quality coilover is designed to stand up to the normal forces of everyday driving as well as to cope with the additional stresses of track use.

Ultimately, the lifespan of your coilovers will be determined by how the vehicle is used and maintained.



Where can I buy coilovers?

Our friendly sales team are on hand to guide you through the process of selecting a coilover kit, installation and setup. If you are thinking of a coilover kit for your vehicle, contact the experts at Wilkinson Suspension for a personalised quote.



What’s the difference between coilovers and shocks or struts?

Coilovers serve exactly the same purpose as the conventional suspension setup of struts, springs and shock absorbers. The main difference however, is the ability to adjust the ride height, or in some high-end products the rebound and/or compression shock damping.