Tough Dog’s 41mm Bore Foam Cell Shocks are up to the task when it comes to extreme driving conditions. With a unique tube design built to combat heat caused by friction and foam cell inserts that reduce the effects of cavitation, they are built for optimum all-round performance.

Tough Dog 41 mm Foam Cell Shock

A Shock that Goes the Distance

The uniquely bulged tube design is one of the features that sets this shock apart from the rest. Specifically designed to create more surface area and carry more of the all-important oil, this shock can dissipate heat from friction more easily.

Because it can hold much more oil than a regular shock or a gas shock, the foam cell shock is a popular choice for long-distance 4WD trips across Australia.

Foam Cell Technology

Ever wondered what exactly this talk about foam cells is and what it is they do? Well, what basically looks like just an ordinary piece of foam is actually foam of the highest quality available. It is specifically designed to withstand long periods of intense heat without suffering damage or deterioration.

Each piece of foam is filled with thousands of tiny gas bubbles in order to maintain even pressure levels within the shock absorber itself. The foam insert itself acts as a divider between oil and gas inside the shock to prevent the formation of bubbles also known as cavitation.

Because the gas never actually comes into contact with the oil, foam cell shocks are far less likely to suffer from shock fade.


  • Large 41mm internal bore
  • Twin tube design
  • High temperature, all weather oil
  • 18mm, double chrome-plated rod
  • Additional welding on all studs & eyerings
  • Multi stage Velocity Sensitive Valving
  • Rod wiper seal and multi lip seal
  • Hydraulic rebound stop
  • 3 Year/Unlimited Km Warranty (Conditions Apply)