Tough Dog Nitro Gas shocks are designed for exceptional performance as well as greater driving control and comfort. The nitrogen gas allows the shock absorber to work more consistently by minimising cavitation and shock waves sent through your shock absorber.

Tough Dog Nitro Gas Shock

On Nitrogen & Cavitation

The purpose of compressed nitrogen gas in Tough Dog Nitro Gas shocks is to stop, control and prevent cavitation. Simply put, cavitation is the formation of bubbles in the oil inside your shock absorber.

When you take your 4WD off-road and make your shocks work really hard, the oil inside the shock absorber heats up and eventually gets so hot that it starts to cavitate due to changes in fluid pressure. Having pressurised nitrogen gas on top of the hot oil helps controls this process.

This is important because cavitation can cause sudden high pressure bubble breaks. These breaks can potentially send high impact shock waves through your suspension gear, which can eventually lead to damage. That’s why nitrogen gas shocks have some of the longest lifespans!

Multistage VSV

The latest Tough Dog Nitro Gas shocks are equipped with Multistage Velocity Sensitive Valving. This technology enables the shock to maintain driving comfort whilst performing at different speeds, on sealed roads and off-road. Multistage VSV is set up to maintain ride control characteristics even when the shock has to move faster to absorb corrugations or other small bumps in the road. This results in a better ride on the road as well as off-road and gives you best of both worlds: speed and comfort! Nitro gas shocks are perfectly suited for light and medium four wheel drives and vehicles with leaf spring suspension.

Tough Dog Nitro Gas Shock Specs

  • 35mm internal bore and piston with twin tube design
  • Low pressure nitrogen gas to eliminate fade for better performance and comfortable ride
  • Double chrome-plated shaft
  • High temperature, all weather fluid
  • Custom design for each application
  • OEM or longer length shocks to suit standard or raised 4WDs for maximum articulation, comfort, safety & durability
  • 2 Year/Unlimited km Warranty (Conditions Apply)