Tough Dog shocks are the way to go when your four-wheel drive needs some heavy duty suspension. Built to last, these tough puppies adhere to the highest levels of quality. Because of their exceptionally high standards, Tough Dog shocks are very popular in Australia and around the world. Here at Wilkinson Suspension, we sell and install a wide range of Tough Dog shocks from our suspension shop in Bayswater, Perth. Our selection includes Nitro Gas shocks for control and comfort, Foam Cell shocks for all-round performance and 9 Stage Adjustable shocks if you need to adapt to ever-changing conditions. Need to go extreme? The 53mm Ralph shock is the largest 4WD shock on the market. Keep scrolling to find out more about the most popular Tough Dog shocks.

Tough Dog Nitro Gas Shock Absorber


Tough Dog Nitrogen Gas shock absorbers have been designed with control and comfort in mind.
Compressed nitrogen gas regulates pressure and reduces bubble formation and the impact of shock waves sent through the shock absorber. This unlocks added driving comfort and benefits the lifespan of your suspension system.
Nitro gas shocks are built with multi stage velocity sensitive valving to ensure the shock is capable of performing at any speed. As the shock moves faster to absorb small bumps in the road like corrugations, the valving in the shock responds to maintain the ride control characteristics. These shocks are perfectly suited to light and medium four wheel drives and vehicles with leaf spring suspension.
Tough Dog Foam Cell Shock Absorber


Tough Dog’s award winning Foam Cell shock is our best selling shock for all round performance.
Whether you only head bush on the occasional weekend or venture off-road more frequently, these shocks can handle it!

It’s the use of microcellular foam that makes all the difference. Foam inserts help to drastically reduce shock fade and allow your shocks to perform better for longer periods of time, even on the harshest of corrugations.

Tough Dog 40mm Adjustable Shock Absorber


The 40mm adjustable shock brings the ability to fine tune your ride control to just about every 4WD user.
Because very few vehicles only serve one purpose, this shock offers 9 different stages of adjustment so ride characteristics can be fine-tuned according to personal preference.
Tough Dog 45mm Adjustable Shock Absorber


These tough puppies are the largest bore externally adjustable shocks available on the market.
There is nothing that can compare to the 45mm bore in a 70mm outer casing. This is one serious shock. The 9 stages of adjustment mean you can control the firmness of your shocks easily, and adapt to the conditions as required.
Tough Dog 53mm Ralph Shock Absorber


The Tough Dog ‘Ralph’ shock is the largest 4WD shock on the market.
Tough Dog redesigned the shocks originally intended for prime movers to suit 4WD applications. The Ralph shock has a massive 53mm bore and 22mm chrome piston rod, all housed in a 70mm casing. These big dogs carry so much oil, they will run cool over even the toughest of terrain. If you drive a fully laden off road tourer, these are the shocks for you.